Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2009

Task 1

Get to know how blogging works:
"Comment" on this post and write about one thing from your own culture that is typically American / German for you. This could be a thing, a certain behaviour, a place, or anything else. Then explain in about 50 words why you think it is typical.


  1. Hey !

    ...For every Bavarian it'a duty to visit the annual "Oktoberfest". It's always at the same time and it usually takes between 15-18 days. There aren't only people from germany but also from all over the world. They have actually a weekend which is for italian.
    Also typical for the "Oktoberfest" are the clothings. Women come with a dress which is called "Dirndl" and men wear a "Lederhose".
    I also have already been at this attraction and I love it.:) Either you spend time in one of the tent or you have fun with the fun rides!!

    Now .. what do you think of this attraction? :)

  2. Hi! :)

    Well, the "Oktoberfest" is really typical for Germany especially for Bavaria because people from all over the world visit this big event.
    This is also an example for the german "Geselligkeit", which is typical for germany in my opinion.
    The germans like the feeling of sociability, which they experience, while sitting together, drinking beer with friends or neighbors and talking and laughing about anything.
    They enjoy having a good time together.
    What's your opinion about this task?;)

  3. Hey!

    I also think that the "Oktoberfest" is a typical example of the german "Geselligkeit" and it's true that the Germans do like hanging around with their friends but in my opinion the serious side of them should be mentioned too.
    I have the impression that the Germans think that people from other counries don't like them or still blame them for the crimes happend during the Second World War. So they try to prove the opposite and it works: A servey during the "soccer world championship 2006" had shown that visitors from all over the planet believe that Germany is a very friendly and hospitable country.
    So I figure we shouldn't judge ourselves too severe.

    What's your opinion on my comment?

  4. Hello. My name is Sarah. I am from Denver, Colorado (USA). Today the task was to write about something from our culture. Since I live in America, there really isnt much that is "our" culture. America is about taking the best from every one elses culture and making it our own. Since every one is talking about Oktoberfest, I'll compare it to our Thornton fest. It is a fest based on the city i live in. There is lots of great food, games, rides, and of coarse beer.

  5. Hey.
    One thing that is typical about Americans is the fourth of July. It is a day that Americans celebrate their independence. Most Americans drink alcohol and we celebrate by going to firework shows and launching our own (even though most are illegal). I know that every person that lives in the USA celebrates this day, their independence, their pride. It is the most American tradition hat I take part in.

  6. Hello!

    At first thought, you'd think that coming up with something typically American would be very easy. As I've just discovered, it's a lot harder than you would expect.
    What I've come up with is Thanksgiving. Have you ever heard of it? You might have. Every 4th Thursday of November, we all come together and have a big meal with family and friends and give thanks for the various things we've received throughout the year. I would write more, but class is about to end.

    What do you think of Thanksgiving?

  7. Hi :)
    I'm Diedra I live in Colorado(USA). I would have to say that besides all the above that is mentioned from Madison, Sarah, and April, my favorite thing that happens in Colorado is Winter Fest. One week in December everyone goes at night to the Thornton Rec. Most people go with friends and family. there is this "BIG" christmas tree in the middle of the field, and there is ice sculpting, santa's workshop, ice skating and lots of other things. Its a great time to be with family and friends. In my family its a trudition to go every year with are friends the Wessle family.

    what do you think about Winter Fest?

  8. Christina I do not take Germans responsible I mean There is a show south park in denver that makes fun of jews and it is very funny. To us calling someone a Jew is like callin them gay. Germans are bad ass! and Americans!

  9. Hello, my name is Andrew Seegmiller I live in Thornton CO. I think the Sports are a big thing in America because when the super bowl comes around everybody and there mother knows about it and does somethin to celebrate and incorporate it. As all cultures we have our holidays and festivals though some not as great as the rest everybody still makes it a fashion to get all trashed and stumble around with friends and family.

  10. Tag Christina.
    I agree with Camden. We dont really blame Germans for WWII. Things happen. If anything it makes me want to learn about the culture more. I last visited Germany about three years ago and eventhough there are many WWII sanctuaries, there is also a lot to see. There are many great tourist attractions and I love all the outdoor activities available there. I hope to visite again soon one day.

  11. we like to eat...allot. mostly fat food. we make a big deal about hollidays and such. not all that intoresting realy. just what i call comon. we make a big deal out of style and are obsesed with our actors and movies.

  12. hello again everyone. I do not think people should get paid to get good grades. The only person that you are helping when getting good grades is yourself. So why should someone pay you for that? If you want to be educated and smart its all on you. If you want to be stupid and waste your time in school, once again its all on you. Now getting help with paying for college is completely different. Good grades and money for college should come hand in hand. But to just outrightly get paid for doing good in school, no.

  13. I believe that we should be an incentive to come to school and het our work done, rather its money or even just free lunch. But the amount of time and effort students have to put into school to actually pass there classes and come out with some sort of future is stiffling. I see kids all the time flipping out or walking around like zombies because they were up all night trying to finish crucial homework teachers pile on in stacks.

  14. Hallo. Ich bin Sarah, und ich leibe Colorado. Im sommer, im Colorado, Boulder ist sehenswert. Ich finde Boulder serh schon. Boulder ist im die Berge. Wir sollen besucht im Mai weil das warm ist. Ich leibe Boulder. Ich auch Cave of the Winds gern. Das ist serh serh schon. Das is im Gleenwood Colorado. Das ist weit von hier aber das ist prima.