Dienstag, 26. Januar 2010


Should Students Be Paid to Do Well in School?

Some high school students in France will be paid in exchange for attending classes on a regular basis.

This is exactly what's happening in a pilot program in France that started this month at three vocational high schools in disadvantaged suburds of Paris. Accounts will be set up for two classes containing around $3000 apiece. If the students maintain good attendance records and reach performance targets agreed upon with their teachers, reward payments will be added to their class account. But here's the catch: students can't go and spend the money on a new iPod or an Xbox but can only use it to finance a school-related project or endeavor.

Philippe Vrand, president of Public School Students group: "...We should spend this money making sure vocational students can get into the programs they want. Instead, students are being paid off ot compensate [for] their boredom."

In the US more than a dozen states have started rewarding students with cash for improved test scores and enrollment in advanced-placement courses.

adapted from TIME, Oct.09

What do you think? A good idea or a complete waste of money? Should money have such an important part in schools?


  1. I think it is a waste of money, it would be a good ideato reward kids in school that maintained a certain grade and attended classes most of the time, but I don't think that they should have to spend it on school related stuff. The school gets money for the student's grades so they should give the money to the students to use for whatever they please which would be like a job. maybe if they based sschool like a job, then kids would be more prepared to go out into the real world, but so far I don't think the plan that France has will work.
    Thats it for now, Aoril S.

  2. I think its a complete waste of money. the students should not get paid to go and be in class. the school schould use the money to bye better things for there students. Such as computers and books. Here in the U.S. if the school has a bad CSAP grade then the school gets tared down and rebuilt from scrach. New teachers and a freshman class. That way they could get the problem fixed.

  3. Heey !

    Actually, I agree with you ! I think it isn't a good idea to give the money to the pupils. In my opinion, the money should be given to renovate the schools or for a better configuration! Because there are many problems (old books and computers, broken-down equipment, etc.)
    what do you think ? Do you get paid for a work or do you demand for it ?

  4. I also think it isn't a good idea to pay the pupils for going to school and having good grades. In my opinion the pupils won't be more motivated if they get money, when they aren't allowed to use it for whatever they want. It would make more sense to use the money for upgrading the schools, as you've already said, or the money could be used for charitable donations. That's just my opinion, what's yours?

  5. I actually agree with your arguments. It's a stupid thing to pay students for going to school but prohibit to use this money for their stuff. I also think that the money should be spent for more teachers and better school equipment. New learning systems should be developed too, so that the pupils don't get bored from the lessons. When the students gladly go to school they don't need to be payed.
    But what do you think about it?

  6. I think everyone has the same idea about not getting payed to go to school. All the money should be used to get new things for the school.

  7. Christina, I agree. We should be using the money for teachers and more class equipment. But I also think that no matter how much money a school or teacher has, if they arent good at teaching, we wont learn. The money should really be spent finding the right teachers to teach. Most teachers are qualified and have the degree. But we should really focus on if they are good at teaching and dealing with kids. If we spent more time finding teachers that are actually good at their job, learning would go a lot smoother.